Ridge Augmentation

The alveolar ridge of the jaw is the bone that surrounds the roots of teeth. When a tooth is removed an empty socket is left in the alveolar ridge bone. Usually this empty socket will heal on its own, filling with bone and tissue. Sometimes the bone does not heal adequately resulting in a loss of height and width of the alveolar ridge.  If there was a pre-existing tooth infection, cyst/tumour, or a traumatic injury, the risk of inadequate bone healing is almost for certain.

Rebuilding the original height and width of the alveolar ridge is not always necessary, but may be required for dental implant placement or for aesthetic purposes. Dental implants require bone to support their structure and a ridge augmentation bone graft procedure can help rebuild this bone to accommodate the implant.

How is the procedure Accomplished?

A ridge augmentation is accomplished by placing bone graft material at the location where the dental implant will be placed.  There are various surgical techniques to grow this new bone.  A consultation with our doctors would be required to learn what is the recommended treatment option for your unique situation.